We don't have a direct connection with Mi band but you can connect it through Google Fit so we can get the information of your workouts.

Step 1,

Make sure you have both Mi Fit and Google Fit installed on your devices.

Step 2,

Launch your Mi Fit app, make sure the sync is complete.


Step 3,

Launch Google Fit app, login to your Google account and complete the following required information.

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-06-02.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-07-16.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-07-32.png

Step 4, 

Open Mi Fit app, Menu > Accounts > Sync with Google Fit 

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-13-34.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-13-45.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-14-03.png

Step 5, 

Choose your Google Account and tap OK, then you are ready to sync with Google Fit 

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-14-11.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-14-21.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-14-03.png

Step 6,

Launch Google Fit app, Settings > Apps connected > make sure Mi Fit is shown there

Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-15-31.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-15-53.png Screenshot_2015-05-27-22-16-23.png

Step 7,

Go to Google Fit main screen pull down the page to refresh you should see it will sync from your Mi Fit app


Then you connect Google Fit in WeFitter and you have it!