You just have to follow these 3 simple steps: 

1- Choose your favorite sports app to track your exercise by clicking on any of the apps listed. You will find a detailed description of each of them in case you are not familiar. This will make your decision easier and also provide you with a link to download your selected app. 

2- Once inside the page of your app, press the switch and a new page will open.


(Example with Google Fit)

3- Enter your login information of your sports app so we can automatically synchronize the exercise you do.

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Once you have completed the 3 steps, you should receive a message like this one below.


Well done! From now on, we will synchronize your fitness data (km, calories, time, etc) every time you complete a new activity. If it's the first time you connect, WeFitter will also synch the 7 previous days to the connection.

You are now ready to compete with others, complete new challenges, collect points and earn new prizes. All exercise will be rewarded. :)