WeFitter was started by Carlos Rodes and Roger Del Sol. They're two quite ordinary individuals from Barcelona, Spain who've been best friends since college... and while they barely have anything in common, except both being from Barcelona, speaking the same language, loving the same restaurants, sharing the same humor and liking the same music, they coincidentally both love working out... however, unfortunately their occasional lack of motivation had somewhat of a negative impact on their year-round workout routine.

So, with the power of observation and vision, they arrived at the following conclusion: thousands of amateur sportspeople were generating a huge amount of data thanks to sports tracking apps and wearable devices. This information could be used by companies in multiple ways; it could show them the correlation between how many of their workers exercise actively, and how well their workers perform at work... or it could provide a sport-clothing company with the exact information they need to decide what the most popular sport is at a given time, so that the company can then target developing clothes for this specific market.

Finally, the two founders thought that exercising is something great - not just for an individual, but for everyone; people who exercise tend to walk more and use less transportation, they tend to spend more time outside, thus caring more about their environment and they tend to care more about their nutrition - meaning they're healthier.

Now these are indeed great side-effects of working out, and both Carlos and Roger thought it was time to reward this greatness. So, after managing to prove the concept, WeFitter was born.