It's easy, but lets take it step by step:

1. First, download the WeFitter app:



If you don't have a compatible phone, you can register here

2. In the connections menu, you will see an app list with which you will be able to record your exercice. You will need one of those in order to earn WeFitter points. Choose the one you are currently using or the one you prefer. You will be able to acces a description and a download link by tapping one.

wefitter-connection1.png     wefitter-connection2.png   wefitter-connection3.png

If you are not aware about the apps, here is our recommendation: 

  • Android: Google Fit. It's free and it registers all the daily activity without even opening it before every workout. Great!
  • Apple: Moves. Same as Google Fit, it registers all your movements and categorizes them (walking, running and cycling). You won't need to do anything to get all your daily activity points. That easy.

3.Once you have chosen an app, you must download it. You will find a download button after the description.


4. Finally, hit the connect button to synchronize the app's registered activity with WeFitter. A window will pop out asking for your app login info. If you haven't regesitered yet, this is the moment! Choose an email and password and WeFitter will start the synchronization.

5. Once the process is done, we'll notice you if it's been a success or if there's any problem. If all runs well, you can start exercicing inmediatly. At the end of your sport session, we will convert your effort in points! You'll be able to see and exchange your points from our app.